Herbert's Club

What is Herbert's Club

It's a place where I can talk to my friends and share my adventures. My friends can also talk about their own adventures, I travel a lot so it's not always easy to keep in touch but by having my club I can catch up when I'm able to get my hands on some internet.

Who Joins Herbert's Club?

Most people that join have been invited by me. Some are friends of friends that have been nominated by other members, but I don't mind outsiders (Small Fry) applying for membership as long as they are friendly.

What's the benefits of membership?

Joining Couldn't Be Easier:

If you are a friendly person who would like to get to know Herbert and his friends, just hit the Register button and follow the instructions.

*Be warned though, Spammers and Trolls are not welcome, you will be called out and ridiculed before getting your head flushed down the toilet.

Just remember "you are a guest" in my club so please play nice.



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